Happy 2018! I've just moved back to the US from London and am looking forward to continuing my musical adventure here.

I have some exciting news: My self-released solo EP Portraits Drawn Without You has now garnered over half a million plays on Spotify! I'm so grateful to everyone who's been listening to it, and please keep it up.

Also, on 17 December 2017, before leaving London, I had the pleasure of playing at the Vortex Jazz Club with Huw V Williams and Jay Davis. It was a really fun gig, and the great Dave Holland even came out to listen! My friend Marta Gonzalez Luque was kind enough to record the whole performance, and it's now up on YouTube. Check it out below!

Live at the Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston, London. Songs featured: Westerbroom (original by Huw V Williams), Cyclic Episode (Sam Rivers). And improvisations! Alexander Dubovoy, piano Huw V Williams, bass Jay Davis, drums Video courtesy of Marta Gonzalez-Luque