Check out this live video from my recent performance at the Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston, London. Songs featured: Westerbroom (original by Huw V Williams), Cyclic Episode (Sam Rivers). Alexander Dubovoy, piano Huw V Williams, bass Jay Davis, drums Video courtesy of Marta Gonzalez-Luque.

Portraits Drawn Without You

"Your portraits are drawn without you/yellowed without your age"

Recorded by 11-time Grammy-winner Jack Renner in 2016, Portraits Drawn Without You is my first solo album. It features a set of original compositions that I dedicated to my grandmother following her passing in 2015. These deeply personal songs draw from my own life experiences as well as interrogations of historical memory. Each piece is a sort of musical portrait, an act of representation in which the true subject is conspicuously absent. The end effect, I hope, is like that of walking through the halls of a portrait gallery: You know that the figures on the walls know each other, but it is up to you to figure out the story of how.

Alexander Dubovoy (piano/voice/composer), Jack Renner (recording engineer), Barbara Renner (piano technician), Hans Bilger (post-production), Annelia Leinbach (artwork)


Check out this single by Newspeak (Eli Brown, trumpet, Hans Bilger, bass, Griffin Brown, drums, and myself, piano). "Softie" is an original composition inspired by a ceramic piece by Kenneth Price.

Machinery of Night

Alexander Dubovoy (piano), Hans Bilger (bass), Eli Brown (trumpet), Harvey Xia (sax), Emma Akrawi (voice), Jack Renner (recording), Annelisa Leinbach (artwork)


Recorded by Jack Renner in 2014, Machinery of Night is my first album in collaboration with the band Newspeak. Without a drummer, Newspeak has opted for an intimate and interactive style, blending complicated arrangements with a variety of genres. The ever-changing band plays through songs drawn from Nirvana and Elliott Smith as well as the jazz songbook and even Yiddish folk music. Underlying all these influence is a deep sense of spontaneity, which inspired the band to publish the album direct from performance to disk.


Machinery of Night is available on iTunes

Check out this full performance by Newspeak live at the Yale University Art Gallery. The gallery commissioned us to compose a series of original pieces inspired by the structures of modern ceramic art for The Ceramic Presence in Modern Art.

Want to hear some singing? Check out my solo on Thelonious Monk's "'Round Midnight" on Redhot & Blue's album RHB!