We're playing with some great groups at the Red Poppy Art House (2698 Folsom St. San Francisco CA 94110). Come hang!

Opening for the Schimscheimer Family Trio will be Eli Brown, trumpet, and Hans Bilger, bass. The duo are members of the group Newspeak, led by pianist Alexander Dubovoy, a Bay Area native who is currently a student at Yale University.

Newspeak is a quartet of trumpet, bass, piano, and drums, as well as vocals. Their music was originally drawn from the jazz tradition but has expanded to include everything from Nirvana to Yiddish folk music. It was formed in the fall of 2012 by a group of Yale undergraduates, united by their passion for jazz.

Since then they've brought their music to audiences across the world. In 2013, they recorded the album Machinery of Night with Grammy winner Jack Renner (available on Bandcamp). Last summer, they traveled to Austria for a residency at the Hotel Pupik artist community and have recently performed a series of commissioned pieces at the Yale University Art Gallery.

Newspeak is currently on tour with a program that features innovative, original compositions that push the boundaries of the quartet format. According to one listener, “the group approaches composition like the artists approach clay: it experiments with a medium that is at once firmly established and malleable.”


2698 Folsom St., San Francisco

$18 advance. $20 at the door.

The best ticket link is jazzintheneighborhood.org/events/tickets/

Here's the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1581620032129067/